Our Approach

My Vision

To provide Natural, Energy Based, treatment sessions that are easily accessible to the people of Sackville and the surrounding communities.  Our bodies strive to attain or maintain ideal balance Reiki and Reflexology stimulate our personal energies removing blockages and allowing us to heal ourselves .  

Our Story

My Journey

Since childhood I was surrounded by healers.  My Mother, Hazel used home remedies and traditional medicine as our family's first line of care.  Doctor's visits and prescription medicine were used when necessary but many of our childhood malaise were treated naturally from home.   My Mother left us way to soon but passed on her knowledge to my Sister, Janet,  who assumed the role as teacher and healer in our family.  Both Janet and I entered the health care field in the early 80's graduating as LPNs (although then we were called CNA's) Throughout our Nursing Careers we have always felt there had to "more".  We witnessed unexplainable miracles and gentle passings, and have always felt various levels of energy surrounding both the sick and the well.  Wanting to combine traditional and scientific based practices made sense and felt right.

Janet began her journey with Energy Healing many years ago and under her hands my personal health has improved, my chronic pain has become manageable and I have reduced the number of prescription medications I currently take.  She has helped many improve the quality of their life in a gentle non-invasive natural manner.

After experiencing the benefits of energy healing first hand and with the guidance and encouragement of my Sister and Mentor I started my journey.   Over the years I trained and became a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Reflexologist and a Certified Hypnotist.   These modalities combined with other courses and educational training fulfilled the requirements with the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada ACNN and I achieved the title of Naturopath with their association.  I am always searching for ways to continue my education and broaden my skills.  To this end I am registered with the Alliance Professionelle des Naturopathes and Naturotherapeutes APNN as a Naturotherapist and I am working towards a Diploma in Naturopathy.

Through my ongoing studies with the APNN and with my Sister's love and support, I have the achieved the education and skills to realize my dream.  I was able to open Ravenstone Naturopathic Mind Body and Spirit Healing in October of 2018  and I am honored to be able to offer Natural, Complimentary treatment to the people of my home town and the surrounding communities.  

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Terry Jones

Naturopath (ACNN), Naturotherapist (APNN),Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master-Teacher, Cupping Practitioner, and Reflexologist, LPN retired, Educational Assistant retired