Cupping is a therapy used in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to remove stagnation and stimulate the flow of qi (chi) Qi is the free flow of vital energy circulating through the body and the world around us.  If the Qi is disrupted or disturbed it can create stagnation (blockages) or imbalances within the body.

Cupping at Ravenstone is done with silicone cups and vacuum cups.  The cups are placed on the skin and a vacuum like seal is created.  The seal is created by a vacuum pump for the acrylic cups and by compressing the silicone cups.




Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an energy healing techniques that is thought to have been used by Tibetan Buddhist monks for hundreds and likely thousands of years.  It was rediscovered in the 1800's by Mikao Usui a Japanese Monk.  The Usui system of Reiki is a very powerful system of healing that uses a "laying of hands" technique.

Rei means Spiritual Wisdom,  Universal Life Energy and All Knowing

Ki means Vital Radiant Energy, Breath , Life Force

To put it simply REIKI means Spiritual Energy

During a Reiki session you will lay comfortably on a heated bed surrounded by gentle energy, soft lighting, peaceful music and the calming scent of high quality aroma therapy oils.  I will ground your energy and balance your Chakras while allowing universal energy to ebb and flow for your higher good. Throughout the treatment I will detect any restrictions in your energy flow and will work to free negative blockages to bring your energy into balance. Reiki will never harm as it is your energy working for your higher good and knows exactly where to go and what to do.

Every Reiki treatment is different. Some clients experience a variety of sensations such as heat, cold, or tingling, others see colors or experience an emotional release.  All clients report a deep sense of relaxation and many fall asleep.  The wonderful thing about Reiki is that whether you experience sensory or emotional sensations or nothing at all the energy is naturally flowing to the area where it is needed most.

Reiki is complementary and can be used in conjunction with all other treatment plans and therapies. Reiki recipients always receive the correct amount of energy to achieve the desired outcome at that moment in time. Depending on their karma a recipient may feel a temporary relief from a condition and emotional release, a permanent healing of a condition or a sense of peace and acceptance of their situation. It can be used effectively for issues concerning Mind (emotions), Body (physical) and Spirit (spirituality).





Foot Reflexology

Who knew that your feet have a anatomical map of your entire body on them and that by applying specific finger pressure to the coordinating reflexes your body would be helped to self regulate and to attain or maintain its ideal balance?

During a foot reflexology session you enter a deep state of relaxation allowing your parasympathetic nervous system to place you in a state of rest and repair and it is in this state that body can access its inherent ability to heal.  Your circulation improves increasing oxygen supply and lymph flow, flushing toxins from your system and improving immune function, inflammation control and hormone delivery as the entire body attempts to self correct.

Reflexology is safe and effective for people of all ages and incorporates Mind, Body and Spirit for the overall well being of the client. 

Some of the many conditions reflexology can help with are:

  • Pain in any area of the body including back pain
  • Foot, Ankle and leg problems, including restless leg syndrome, swelling and tenderness
  • Stress and the effects of stress
  • Circulation issues
  • Anxiety, Depression and PTSD
  • Hormonal inbalances
  • Inflammation related problems, including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and cancer
  • Surgical recovery
  • Injury recovery

Reflexology is COMPLEMENTARY and can be successfully used with all other treatment and therapies. It is NATURAL, NON-INVASIVE and encourages the body to enter into its natural healing state to deal with imbalances.  It is PREVENTATIVE and will often catch a problem before it manifests as a physical system and most importantly it is EFFECTIVE.


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